Quick update

The markets might actually be ready to make a move. Do the big players know something we little players do not? Is this just a tech rally? Home Depot news dragged the markets down yesterday for a while but by the end of the day, we saw a nice gain.

Check out my mini-S&P 500 30-minute chart below.

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TSP daily charts as of 5/7/23

The balance beam is where we are sitting today and it appears we are just waiting to see what side of the balance beam we fall. Will it be on the side of sellers or buyers? Last week had a moment of drama and I actually thought we were getting ready to see another rollover, but that didn’t happen and stocks bounced with Apple earnings. There is drama approaching with the debt ceiling negotiations but how do you handle that when investing long-term? In my opinion, you stick with your plan and follow price and make your decisions when price dictates a move.

So let’s see what happened to our charts last week.

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Moves going into May 2023

Tomorrow will be the end of April and if you have a move left, it is time to use it if you need to make an adjustment. Let me be clear, sometimes doing nothing is ok. We do not have to make a move just because we have one. This is where the TSP Gods should allow us to rollover our moves to bank at least 6 max that we can use in volatile markets. I’ve submitted it a few times and I am sure it fell on deaf ears.

So let me show what May has done for us the last 5 years and what our charts are saying after this crazy week so far.

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TSP daily charts as of 4/23/23

Did last week even happen? What the heck does that mean? Normally when I update monthly and weekly moving averages on my charts I see at least large moves with the daily moving averages, but this week some didn’t even move or moved by pennies. If you look at our closing numbers for the week the largest move was .56% and the lowest was .07%. The best move amongst the L-funds and Dix-funds was .13%.

So there was almost no movement last week and all our charts look almost the same. This coming week is also the last week for April, so Thursday night I will post possible moves going into May. This is the first time in months that I actually have one move left to burn for the coming month to make adjustments.

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