Month: June 2024

Move going into July

Tomorrow is the last trading day of June 2024. Going to make tonight really really simple. I am making no changes going into July. Just click the Dixmix if you forgot my setup. I will say this. The market is grinding and players are trying to decide to keep investing here or go all out…

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TSP daily charts as of 6/23/24

By the end of the week, half of 2024 and the month of June will be gone. Time is flying. As far as the markets go, it does not appear that June 2024 will be as nice as June 2023. I am not shocked. I knew it was going to be hard to repeat.

Move made

Below you will see my move. Another gap down with the I-fund. Disappointing because it was our leader. 90% C-fund and 10% F-funds. Shocking I know with Bonds, but they keep on climbing so I will put a toe in.


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