Month: September 2023

Things got ugly quickly!

Today was another one of those ugh moments on the stock market. We lost another index to a sell and we have one that is the last one standing. I have been doing a lot of selling of stocks and ETFs the last two days and it is time to just stand down, save our…

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Quick update on just one of our indexes

Today was a mixed bag but it warranted a blog post so you guys are up to date and prepared to make a move if needed. I will make my decision by 11:00 – 11:15 am so you will what I am doing. Just in case, just know the number/level to watch.

TSP daily charts as of 9/17/23

Friday was ugly and that one day wiped out all the gains for the week plus a little. The Small Cap suffered the most which is par for the course being our most volatile index that we can invest in via the TSP. What Is Triple Witching?  Triple witching is the simultaneous expiration of stock…

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