Month: August 2023

TSP daily charts as of 8/27/23

How crazy was our index Friday that we were following so closely? I will show you the minute chart below. Next week is the last week of August and it appears that it will end the month in the RED. It will be the second year in a row that August pretty much sucked. Do…

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That was unexpected!

I think just about every trader on the market was a little taken back today because everyone was expecting follow through to the upside. Nvidia had a great report and the stock finished the day slightly up but the bad part of that was that it faded all day lower after opening up 6%. Now…

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TSP daily charts as of 8/20/23

It has been a very rough August and to be honest, I am a little shocked. It is not as if I am ignoring the markets or just watching them sink. Price on every index is just sinking continuously day after day and my sell levels are not broken yet. By the close of Friday,…

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