Month: May 2021

New Host for the website

I am in the process of testing my blog with another host. I have decided after my research that I want a managed hosting company. So far they are responding very quickly to all my questions and request and I just have to see everything work perfectly before I commit to them. Once I give…

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Site issues is my hosting company and has been since 2017. Everything was fine until about a month ago when they did some internal upgrades and moved my site to another server. I have spoken with them twice and they say that everything on their end is fine. But here is the kicker, they say if…

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Is it Tesla time?

This is just for those interested in Tesla. It was a good day on the market for all of us and TSLA had a 4% move. If you decide to take the first box or the second box, I will mark the bailout points if a certain price is reached.

TSP daily charts as of 5/22/21

As of the close Friday, I feel like my TSP account is in the middle of a thunderstorm and it’s been put into a holding pattern waiting for a resolution to clear a path. After I show you all the charts this weekend, I think you will come away with the same thoughts as myself…

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The one index that we were all watching come through and it is safe for now. Sell warnings one and two and still working, but that outright daily sell signal, cancelled.

Damage report 5/19/21

Well, the day ended in a much better fashion than I thought it was going to end, but there are some things that need to be reported now. As of right now looking at the futures, tomorrow does not look like it will be a positive one. So let me just get to it.


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