Month: April 2020

April 2020 closing numbers

What a month and things moved so fast, that buy signals are just now starting to roll in. So let the digging out from Covid-2020 begin. I did make the adjustment today and put a big toe back into the market. Tomorrow is Friday and I will have closing numbers for the week then.

Update – 4/20/2020

So did we get a daily buy signal on the S&P 500? It sure was a crazy trading day with large swings. Oil absolutely got crushed. We will be paying under $1 for gas soon. It’s already happening in other states.

Buy signal canceled

Yesterday we had a buy signal on the S&P 500 and today it was canceled. Since we have not seen back to back down days since March 30 and April 1, tomorrow will likely be an up if the most recent pattern is followed. Business news day by day keeps getting worse. How long this…

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