Month: March 2019

Just a quick update

This is going to be quick and painless. All the L-funds will re-allocate at the close tomorrow. All the Dix-funds, if you use them, have been adjusted. The safe-fund and my personal setup all have been updated. If you are going to change your setup, it has to be done now or no later than…

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TSP weekly closing numbers as of 3/15/19

So far so good for the month of March. I will present another move or setup change over the weekend. Also, just a little thank you to one of our readers here, texting me giving me a heads up there was a ULA rocket launch near my location. I actually got a pretty good view.

Daily charts as of 3/9/19

So what will our markets do next week? It is a very hard read, but we do have support points on the Small Cap and S&P 500 that are about to be reached. We have to keep in mind that a pause or pullback was over due so this is not a surprise, but we…

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