Month: January 2019

Quick update on the S&P 500

Hi guys, I thought I would give you some of my thoughts on the current state of the S&P 500 after today’s move lower. We are currently holding support but I want to show you a few details that could happen soon.

TSP Daily charts as of 1/27/19

Sorry for the delay on getting out the daily chart information, I was busy helping my son repair a toilet that almost fell through a rotting floor. Last week was another good week for stocks, but things did appear to be slowing down from the rip that we have seen the first three weeks of…

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TSP closing numbers as of 1/11/19

This week had some impressive moves. These V-bottoms and highly volatile times are hard to predict and hard to ride. I have a very conservative setup, which goes against my nature, show watching this rip was hard for me. We are approaching so interesting levels that I will show you later this weekend. For all…

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A quick mid-week update

I bet you are wondering if any of our indexes have fired any buy signals. We have seen an incredible rip the last 4 trading days and I would have liked to have had that in my bank. Let’s take a look. 


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