Month: November 2018

Quick mid-week update

When something happens or changes with our TSP indexes, I like to tell you guys about it as quickly as possible. What’s been happening since the opening Monday has been interesting. Today we got a major pop to the high side and 3 of our indexes fired some signals. 

A quick update of where we are.

The markets are definitely going to go to the bottom and retest those lows. Bonds and the International are basically treading water and there is nothing to report. So let’s go inside and take a look at the Small Cap and S&P 500.

Pivot highs

Just a quick post to say, today was ugly!! Pivot highs are now formed on the 3 primary indexes, S&P, Small Cap, and International. Now we can expect price to fall and retest those lows. If those lows hold, we should be good to go. Come on inside and I’ll everyone why I have been…

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TSP Daily charts as of 11/11/18

Here is a really quick update of the daily charts. I am on the road traveling for a bit. I am still watching every move of the market. Just having a hard time finding time to post while driving. So let’s get to those charts.


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