Month: April 2018

TSP daily charts as of 4/29/18

So did anything change from the charts last week to this week? It is also interesting to look at where 2017 ended and where we are now after all the drama of the 2018 first quarter. We will be looking at both of these things. Lastly, this coming Monday is the last trading day of…

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TSP closing numbers as of 4/27/18

It was a little bit of disappointing week when you consider how many great earning reports we had this week. Seems all of a sudden, interest rates are all the talk. I still do not see people or big business running to bonds yet. If bonds and higher rates are so appealing, then why are…

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TSP closing numbers as of 4/20/18

It’s another week of green even though Thursday and Friday were negative. Last year we had a 1.21 -2.15% gain for April and as of right now we are slightly above that. Calm! The last two weeks have been calm and let’s hope that continues. Now the closing the numbers.

S&P 500 ? So what did it do?

So I mentioned over the weekend that the S&P had to get back above the trend line in order to cancel the sell signal Friday. The S&P was rolling until 2pm and then, it went slip sliding away. So did it?

TSP daily charts as of 4/7/18

It feels like there has been so much damage on the stock market and our TSP accounts, but I have seen so much worse. Maybe that’s why my tolerance for this current stat of the market doesn’t bother me. Back in my buy and hold days, as I was taught to do, I lost enough…

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