Month: February 2018

Small Cap failed

What the hell happened today? Ah, the new Fed Chairman opened his mouth and big money didn’t like it and punished him/us. I love it when speculation like this drives the market. Here an example: “The new chair signaled the central bank could hike rates more than three times this year in an effort to…

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New menu item

Hi, This is nothing new, but a faster way to find it in case you are looking for it. I seem to go peeking at it all the time. Ranking of funds. It’s under the navigation link for smartphones and Ipads. It’s in the dark blue line for laptops.  

So far 3 rejections.

Remember our re-entry chart? So far 3 attempts to break through the CBL and 3 rejections. Also, Remember our Hotmoves? Do you remember how I said the only way that 100% move to one fund would work? Well, once you click read more, you will see both charts and how the Hotmove is working. 


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