Month: August 2017

TSP closing numbers 8/18/17

Pretty crappy week for the stock market and our tsp values. Like I’ve said before, can’t go up forever without some profit taking eventually. I normally post charts and opinion Sunday morning, but this week it might not happen. For the first time in over a year, the wife and I hopped on the motorcycle…

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Small Cap daily fired sell warning 2

The small cap daily fired sell warning 2 today. The last 3 days of trading have seen a lot of switching. Volatility is up on all 4 indexes. International fell back below the resistance level. It may be time for a minor pullback. The small cap is only about 6-7 points from being a daily…

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TSP daily charts as of 9/6/17

This week in retirement I got my first interim check. Not to shocking because I did a little math in the beginning and had a pretty good idea of what that amount might look like. The only deduction of pay that I can see today is Federal. The way I understand it, no state taxes…

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