Month: July 2017

TSP Daily charts as of 7/22/17

Over all a pretty quiet week on the stock market. It is almost putting me to sleep. Don’t take that as a complaint because I will take the no drama summer where prices continue to rise and makes our TSP accounts grow. We have 6 more trading for July 2017 and I do not think…

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TSP Daily charts as of 7/15/2017

Just a little talk about retirement and what’s been happening. A lot of my peers will retire very soon or will in the next few years. We all wonder how things works, so as the pieces fall into place for me, I will post them here. I just received my last working paycheck. The pay…

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TSP daily charts as of 7/8/17

In case you missed yesterday’s blog post, my new PIP number was on that chart/blog post.    The S&P 500 fired a sell warning Thursday and quickly reversed and canceled it on Friday. The DMI is negative. The slope of price indicates that a Bull flag is forming. I think we can officailly say that…

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Making a move!!

HI peeps,   I will be bailing out of Bonds today and re-distributing to the C,S, and I. My distribution will look like this.      Here is a link to current Bond chart        


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