Month: March 2017

TSP daily charts as of 3/26/17

So are the daily charts being to show signs of an inpending down trend or are they just forming bull flags? This is a question that is easy to answer months from now, but today in the now it is a little more difficult. One look at a daily chart and you can say we…

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Not a good day!

Small fired two sell warnings today by falling through both the CBL and 50 day ma. Blah.    Quick Chart Small Cap   Bonds fired a buy signal today. It must stay above $108.11 tomorrow in order to confirm that buy signal.    Bonds daily quick chart   S&P and International also had a bad…

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Small Cap day warning!

The Small Cap daily fired a CBL sell signal today. Price still has to fall below the 50 day ma for a sell signal to be fired. Then it also has to be confirmed the following day.   The International daily also broke down through that short term uptrend line. Very disappointing.   …

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TSP daily charts as of 3/5/16

Once again last week, prices on the stock market hit all time highs on several indexes. I keep looking for a sign or signal that prices are going to slow down, rollover, or consolidate.  The International index appears to be just beginning it’s uptrend and in my opinion is way behind the S&P and Small Cap.…

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