Month: January 2017

Breakouts!! C, S, and I

Wowers!! The last 2 days watching these 3 indexes and seen breakouts, new highs, and overhead resistance fall. What will the rest of the week bring? Below in this order is the S&P 500, Small Cap, and International index.       

Bonds !

Who would have thought Bonds would have been the first to pop to the upside? Buy 1 above the green CBL is back on. Price needs to get above the 50 day ma is required for the buy to be on, then it needs to be confirmed.    Click ME !

TSP daily charts as of 1/21/17

Ok, this last week on the markets even though we were red, it was basically just a non-event. S&P 500 and Small Cap look like the bull flag breakout has formed a mirroring flag right on top of the last. Not sure I’ve seen this pattern before and not sure what to make of it.…

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TSP daily charts of as 1/15/2017

This week we have at least two things to note, one at the end this week we get a new President, and two we are at current highs and resistant levels. What happens after next Friday is scary. What happens when you reach resistance is scary. Based on the monthly charts there is nothing to…

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International Index daily is a buy

Yesterday I forgot to report that the International fired a buy signal and needed to stay above $59.09 by 11:30am to confirm. Today that happend and now the I-fund is a buy on the daily and weekly chart.   


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