Month: December 2016

International Sell ????

The International index never came close to reversing yesterday and confirmed the daily sell signal. The DMI also did a negative crossover with green dipping below red. The International index is a sell on all 3 charts, daily, weekly, and monthly.    Note: The share price of the I-fund also went up yesterday from $24.4436…

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International daily

To say that the International index has me confused is putting it lighty. These are just some fo the things that make me sctratch my head. Ok, what we have here is confusing reports coming out from various sources and I’m not to sure what to think. The first example, goes like this. If there…

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International daily buy signal

The Internaitonal index continued the breakout upward today and fired a daily buy signal by closing above the 50 day moving average. Remember, this is not a monthly move. This signal gives us a heads up that the index might be turning from a sell to a buy soon. Tomorrow if price stays above $57.41,…

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