Month: May 2015

TSP monthly moves as of 5/29/15

So first order of business is that Google, who is in charge of my Blogger account, has made some rule changes in how I post to this blog. I can no longer use my software Windows Live Writer because Google is being an Ass. Fighting with Microsoft is more important than us little peeon users.…

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TSP Charts 5/24/15

Last week the markets didn’t move a lot in either direction. We call that being flat or consolidation. With my setup or mixture, I was up .10%. But we do have at least 2 charts that we need to talk about and that is Small Cap and Bonds. I want to spend a little extra…

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TSP closing numbers as of 5/22/15

Just a heads up, the stock market will be closed next Monday for Memorial Day. Next Friday the 29th, will also be the end of the month. This week things overall were a bit flat but the Small Cap took the week. Bonds still looking like they will be a sell at the end of…

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TSP closing numbers for the week ending 5/8/15

That was one ugly week. It was very hard to watch day by day the sinking to lower and lower levels. Then Friday, Boom! It wiped all the losses out from Monday through Thursday and we ended the week in the green. One look at the chart below will explain almost everything. More later……


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