Month: June 2014

Quick mid-week post from Valdez, AK

I’m going to be out of communication from the 18-21, and just wanted to post a quick update.  C-fund is safe S-fund is safe  I-fund is safe, but starting to look concerning.  F-fund is safe, but one warning fired still.  I’ll try to post something Sunday night if I have an Internet connection. 

Risk back on, time to make a move

The Small Cap yesterday close above that critical area $1014 and a point that I have been watching for awhile. I believe the small cap was key on knowing if we are going to get another run. How much of a run is always an unknown, but a run none the less. So, if price…

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Bond update, just because a warning was fired.

The CBL sell line in red yesterday was broken. Today we did not climb back above to erase that warning, so warning one has been fired on the Bonds daily chart. Price is still above the 50 day moving average and the $108.41 monthly line. So this is just a warning. We watch.


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