Month: August 2013

Small Cap fired second warning

Small Cap fired it’s second warning and I wanted to make sure that you were aware of the situation. I also drew a light blue line that price might settle on based price structure. Looks like currently in the markets we are getting a small bounce. To soon to think about calling it a possible…

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TSP Weekly numbers 8/11/2013.

Looking at the S&P 500 Monthly and Weekly Charts above it is very easy to see that this weeks 1% pullback made no change in the standing of the market. We are still in a very strong uptrend that I want to be part of until proven guilty. My new method of finding trends and…

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Making the Interfund Transfer

After watching the morning moves and after looking at my charts all weekend, I will put my toe back into waters of the International Index with 20% of my funds. So after 4pm today and begining with the start of Tuesday’s markets, I will have a new distribution. C-fund = 40%S-fund = 40%I-fund  = 20%


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