Month: May 2013

TSP weekly numbers for 5/17/2013

TSP Distribution:  C-fund 50%, S-fund 25%, I-fund 25% One word: Incredible! S&P 500 and Small Cap ran all the way into the close to set new yearly high’s, closing and trading. I really have nothing to add but enjoy the ride until you don’t. Notice: As May 18th Saturday I will be on the road…

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TSP weekly numbers 5/10/13

TSP Distribution:  C-fund 50%, S-fund 25%, I-fund 25% Well this week wasn’t as big as last week but a good week it was. The Small Cap is rocking with another 2% gain this week to add to the 2% we earned last week. My personal setup that you can see above had a gain of…

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Switching from Dow 30 to Russell 3000

Time has come for me to finally stop tracking this silly index, Dow 30, and track something that actually means something. From this point forward I will track the Russell 3000 which is a better index than the Dow 30 since it tracks 100 times more stocks on a equal bases. Ticker symbol RUA Bonds…

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Bonds fired an official sell signal

Last Friday price fell below the CBL and uptrend line to fire two warnings in one day. Today, Monday, a sell signal has been fired because price continued down and closed below the 50 day moving average. So, unless price rises in the morning to a point at or above $110.94 by 11:30am, bailing out…

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Part 2 TSP weekly update 5/4/13

As I feared with bonds, if stocks started to rally, bonds would pullback and that is what happened Friday. As dramatic as the price drop looks, you have to remember this is the bonds, so the pullback was only .4 of 1%. Price is still above the entry point but warnings have been fired. The…

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TSP Weekly update 5/3/2013

TSP Distribution:  C-fund 50%, S-fund 25%, I-fund 25% I will attempt to post some charts and levels throughout the weekend. The only thing that is close to a watch is Bonds. I will also get some levels to watch via CBL’s. Let’s hope that this week action is going to end all this go away…

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So are we happy yet?

So looking at the market this morning we should be happy right? Not me, why? Rejection again for at least the 10thtime on a 30 minute chart. $1597 is are kryptonite it appears. 


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