Month: April 2013

Making a move!

Well looks like the head fake on the Small Cap was real and I got rope-a-doped! What might be a not so smart move based on us banging off of high’s, I’m going to make a move here at the end of the month of April. That will leave me my two moves for May.…

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PBS video on Retirement.

Watch The Retirement Gamble on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE. Ok things to note here. Don’t let this video scare you if your in the TSP, it should make you feel relief. With that said, not babysitting your money or not saving as much as possible is going to put your retirement in jeopardy and…

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TSP Weekly update 4/26/2013

One of my favorite singers growing up passed away today at 81 years old. He lead a very colorful life that many would not approve of, but I’m not here to judge anyone. The one thing about the man was he could sing. Song in this video is a classic and some say the perfect…

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No move for me.

Good morning, I do not like the market action this morning, so I will stand down. I like my setup well enough today that it doesn’t give me an urge to move. Small Cap is currently below the $820 level that I wanted it to hold above, so it made my decision easy. Staying 50%…

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Small Cap update and a few notes.

I’m still here and I’m still watching. As of the close today, it appears the small-cap sell signal was a head fake. Now it appears that the small-cap is giving us a re-entry signal that must be confirmed Friday. You can see on the chart the uptrend was broken but now with the new pivot…

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TSP Weekly update 4/19/13

TSP Distribution:  F-fund 50%, C-fund 50% These are the weeks that make most shrivel up and run for the hills. It freezes your mind and makes you make bad decisions or worst yet, no decision at all because you are frozen. Most of us remember late 2007 and all of 2008, but a lot have…

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