Month: February 2013

Move has been made.

This might be the silliest move of the century but my logic is not to far fetched. I took my 20% I monies, (International) and split it into the C and S. Yes the C and S are also on a very close watch. But I figure the money I would make in a day…

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TSP Weekly update, 2/22/2013

Below are the weekly charts and after a week a drama, all the weekly charts are unchanged. Bonds are still the only index you should avoid while the others are still a go. Left to right we have the S&P 500, Small Cap, International, and Bonds. Investing using the weekly charts takes out all the…

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Thursday update, 2/21/13

Firstly, if you’re a long term watcher and you look at Weekly charts, your still safe. Charts still have barely flinched. In case you are curious, my TSP account has taken a 1.54% beat down since last last Friday. That hurts, but still sitting at 5.5% YTD. There is a really high chance tomorrow I…

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Because I know your wondering!!

Yes the S&P 500 fired a warning today because the short term trend was busted when price closed below that line. But one day does not destroy a trend, but a second close below is very damaging to any indicator. So we wait to see what happens tomorrow with the short term trend. Remember my…

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What might really stop this rally!

I know a lot of people are talking about tops, market crash, and sequester, but I really think what is going to happen is we are going to hit an emotional / physiological wall from 2000 and 2007. I’m actually stealing a chart from another site because, hell, he has alreay drawn the chart. If he tells…

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New High’s Again!!

All I can say about today is Wow! This morning before I left for work,  I watched some morning news and I had to just turn it off. I said to myself if I listen to much more, I’m going to have to sell all my stocks I have and roll my Retirment Account into…

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