Month: January 2013

TSP Weekly update 1/25/2013

TSP Distribution:  S-fund 40%, C-fund 40%, I-fund 20% The S&P 500 chart is almost picture perfect to the point where it is almost scary perfect. I heard a few people at work this week bragging how the bailed out Thursday and found me, to make sure that I knew that they got out and they…

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TSP Weekly numbers, 1/18/2013

TSP Distribution:  S-fund 40%, C-fund 40%, I-fund 20% I will be attending a funeral during the weekend, so I will not be doing a long post this weekend. Short analysis, Stay in. Nothing is looking funny or acting funny except bonds. Life is short, so live it, so as to have no regrets.

Markets short term trending???

It  looks like short term that the markets are going to be heading lower. Seems old news is now new news, so the debt ceiling and taxes are back on. I will be watching the charts closes again this week but just know that all CBL lines are currently safe as are all the 50…

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TSP weekly numbers, 1/12/2012

TSP Distribution:  S-fund 40%, C-fund 40%, I-fund 20% I’ve looked at the charts several times since the close Friday and I really do not have anything to add since Thursday’s update. All my charts are saying to stay in and there is no hint that things will reverse anytime soon. Since I do not give…

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Quick update for TSP funds

In order above, S&P, Small Cap, International, and then Bonds. The S&P or C-fund closed at a new 5 year high and is breaking out to the upside out of that little Bull Flag that was forming for the last 5 trading days. In my opinion the only thing to do here is stay in…

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