Month: October 2012

TSP weekly numbers, 10/26/12

TSP Distribution:  C-fund 50%, S-fund 40%, I-fund 10% What a ugly week that turned out to be. The earning reports that were coming out the first part of the week were weak, so we had a big gap down Monday and then we consolidated the rest of the week. It appears that most of the…

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We may have settled. But…..

I’m not trying to find a reason to stay in but I’m making an observation on the S&P 500. Since Monday, we gapped into a channel and it appears we may have finally slowed the descent and may have bottomed. It could be bottoming fishing but it most likely consolidation. This is very important in…

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Standing firm

As much as I know I should be retreating to safety, I’m going to hold firm and wait just a bit longer. This is a very frustrating market and I believe it’s true direction is an unknown at the moment, so I will wait for more evidence.

Looking very bleak.

Ok, as I said in Tuesday post, bailing is approved. In the chart above I wanted to show a little of the recent past to show exactly where we are at in this break down. The major point to take away from this is the the primary Green Uptrend is now broken. Second, the CBL…

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Bailing is approved

Unfortunatley, all my signals for bailing out of the S&P500 have been met, so bailing is approved. The Small Cap and International Index are currently safe but it is so close to bailing status that I would understand pulling the chute. The real question is what will I actually do? Well we are extremely oversold…

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Going to be an ugly day

Here we go, estimated down 17 points on the S&P this morning, so this could be a very ugly day. So far company earning reports are not impressing markets. 3pm in the afternoon and the market is getting hammered again and once again she is marching back. One more hour to go, will it recover…

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S&P 500 looking grim

As 3:15pm or 1515, the S&P 500 is looking a little Grim. As a matter of fact, based on what I’m seeing, a bailout tomorrow is warranted. Hoping for a late late rally to push back into the safe zone. 3:40 update, she’s making a push. We need $1428 on the S&P and an $708…

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TSP weekly report 10/19/12

TSP Distribution:  C-fund 50%, S-fund 40%, I-fund 10% Friday’s close was very disappointing in the fact that it put us back on watch. Sometimes the news rules, even though I hate to let it drive my decisions. But here it didn’t drive my decision, but it did effect price. After the Google debacle on earnings…

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Very nice day

Today was a very nice bounce from Friday. Everything is still on watch and I’m still holding my position which is technically 100% in the Market. 

Hold the line

My mind is telling me to bail but this morning we rose higher and are now fading into the morning. I have a feeling by afternoon we will be down 3 or 4 points in the S&P, but I want to wait. The Small cap is just saying to get out, but here again, I’m…

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