Month: June 2012

NO move

Today I got caught up training someone at work and I did not bailout of the S-fund. Looks like price close right on the CBL line, so I will wait again to see what happens. The C-fund held the CBL line again today, so I do not see me bailing tomorrow. Stocks above the 150…

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Today I attempted to bailout of the International Fund as I said I would do. I will let you know if that order went through tomorrow, because I want my other monies to stay in. Today we got our sell order on the Small Cap, so unless we get back above 657 tomorrow, I will…

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TSP Weekly numbers, 6/22/12

  I do a lot of preaching about having a plan and make sure that you have a reason to get back into a scary market so I try to live what I preach. Last Friday, a week ago, the S&P 500 to me had finally given the signal to enter and I was waiting…

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F’ed Up !

Welcome to the Stock Market! After sitting out for almost 6 weeks, I finally get back in this week based on rules and get my Bleep handed to me. More later.

New news!

By all indication on this chart we should be enter a Bull market tomorrow where more than 65% of the S&P 100 stocks are above their 150 day moving averages. This is a great indication that you could by any stock with a good bottom line and likely make money on it. This is a…

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I’m back in.

As of 11:18am I’m back in. 50% C and 50% G, rolling the dice that my charts are right. I will bailout if we close below $1306.


Well that was not what I was expecting to see at 9:30 this morning. 9:35 am we were trading below the 50 day moving average and now, even though we are down a bit, we are back above the 50 day. My mind tells me to wait and the charts are saying get in. So…

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TSP Weekly numbers 6/16/12

This was a very interesting week to watch. Basically Monday through Thursday was pretty gut wrenching to watch. Up, down, up, and down and it was really hard to tell which way this thing was going to break and I even mentioned this in Thursdays post. I said the more it churned sideways the more…

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