Month: May 2012

Gave it all back

Gave all of Tuesday back plus some and that just goes to show that the current environment for stocks is really uncertain. No one that I monitor is all in either short or long because no one knows which way this thing is going to break. I will tell you this, the next 2 or…

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Nice pop, but….

We had a very nice open to the week on all indexes but I’m still not convinced. If you look at the 10 minute chart to the left you we see that we peeked out of the consolidation area that was recently setup. The green trend line is also well intact. But I still believe…

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TSP Weekly numbers 5/25/2012

Finally a week where all the index numbers are not RED. Not surprising the International Index was once again red but just barely. Surprisingly, Bonds had a bad week and therefore the reason I bailout and went straight up 100% G. So even though I’m on vacation, I still have time at night to look…

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100% G as of today.

Today I pulled my 30% from the F-fund / Bonds and invested 100% G. Still not comfortable of a direction even though the S&P 500 is creeping uphill ever so slowly. Not all indexes are agreeing yet, so I will just stand on the sidelines and wait.

I did not bail.

Well I was out of Internet zone while riding today and even if was within the zone, I would have stayed in the Bond Fund. After a got back to the hotel and saw the afternoon rally that happened between 3 and 4pm, I might should have bailed. Still ended up for Bonds, but not…

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You bet I’m watching

I may be on vacation, but I’m still keeping tabs on this market. It was one very impressive day. Keyword in one. You cannot make a trend up, down, or sideways with one day. As you can see below in the S&P 500 chart, I believe that $1340 to $1345 we be key to break…

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TSP Weekly numbers, 5/18/12

Wow!!! I really thought Friday was going to be an up day because all the news surrounding Facebook IPO, which I hope you didn’t buy. Some suckers, I mean buyers paid $45 per share today and it closed where it opened at $38.23. This has to be the worst performance week of the year and…

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It appears the sky is falling.

If you’re standing in the middle of the road and you saw a speeding bus coming, would you try an catch it or get out out of the way? This is why you have to have a plan. I really expect it might be ugly first thing tomorrow, but some calm will come over the…

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