Month: March 2012

TSP weekly update, 3/23/12

This week was one of those weeks that is hard to watch and unsettling for all. After Monday mornings pop up, the next three days we were down and even though Friday closed up, we finished the week in the hole. Now before we panic, look down the monthly column in the above chart and…

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TSP Weekly update, 03/16/2012

After two so so weeks in March, we finally got a nice push through $1370 and even pushed through $1400. Almost 2% plus for all our indexes except bonds, but I’m not to surprised at that. The C and I funds ruled the week. I have looked and looked and looked, I see nothing !!…

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What a day….

It was a very good day in the stock market today and I wish I could tell you what drove it, but I try to steer clear of most of the news. All I can tell you is this, the Transportation reversed it’s downward trend and Bonds look very, very shaky. Look at the Weekly…

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All Weekly indexes

I just wanted to show you that all but one index here are in good shape. You could argue that the EFA or International Index had a hiccup in it’s new weekly breakout, but it will take more than one week to prove that. The Transportation index or $DJT is and has been shaky for…

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TSP Weekly Update, 3/9/12

Wow what a wild week in stocks. Tuesday we saw the largest single drop for a day in 2012 and it kind of reminded me of last Summer. Monday was also a down and I truly believed that we were going to have a down week because of the market action the week prior. I…

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We held, but it wasn’t pretty

Below you will see all 6 indexes that I follow and they all held, but the intraday trading was leading me to think the Small Cap was going to fail. Toward the end of the day some buyers came back into the market to support that $700 level. We still have to keep the big…

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TSP Weekly update, 3/2/2012

Overall not a great week for stocks, specially the Small Caps. We have had a nice long run since October 5th and I didn’t get all of it, but I got a lot of it, so I will not complain here. What I need to do is clear all this past information and ask myself…

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