Month: January 2012

TSP Weekly Update, 1/27/12

The first month of the year is coming to a close quickly and to date it has been awesome. Does it make you scratch your head and ponder, “What could the next 11 months possible bring me?”, yeah me too. If you were all  S since January 1st, you are up 8.26%. But if you…

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Just a quick update.

Today’s sudden rise in prices around 1pm kind of caught me of guard. Didn’t see it coming based on what I saw in the pre-market and the first 2 hours of the morning trading. We are now up 8.18% on the S-fund YTD. The C-fund is up 5.57% YTD. January is not even closed yet,…

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Here comes that down day

It’s been a long time coming but today I think we will see that down day. Futures are down 7.25 or about .5%. It will be interesting to see what Bonds do. Watching closely.

TSP weekly numbers, 1/20/12

I spent a lot of time Thursday, Friday, and Saturday trying to find a reason to bailout of the Stock Market. Why would I want to do that? Well after the shell shock of last year being up until May, fighting to hang-on to that gain, then giving it back in a 3 week period,…

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We busted through, will it hold ???

Today the S&P 500 busted through $1292 and closed at $1308. Also following suit was the Small Cap breaking through it’s major resistance level. The key now is to hold above this level and climb. We want slow and steady growth and none of the fast moving jerking all over the place that is hard…

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TSP Weekly numbers 1/13/2012

Friday started off in the hole from the minute the markets opened and I guess most would look at that one day of the week as a negative, but not me. After the first hour of trading was complete, the markets spent the rest of the day fighting, clawing, and scraping it’s way back up…

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Wow nice Start to the Year

I could not blame  anyone if they bailed out of the market tomorrow before 12pm, noon, to lock in the gains for the month of January. Considering how bad last year was, it’s not hard to see the reason to lock in. There has been a battle at $1292 the last three days and finally…

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A current look at our funds.

Since the L-funds are nothing but a combination of the primary funds, C,F, G, I and S, , I will not talk about those funds. But so you really understand the difference in the 2020 – 2030- 2040 – 2050, the further out the date of the fund the more risky the fund is. It…

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