Month: November 2011

Made the move today

Today I stuck with my plan and rolled my last 30% safe money into the market. See my chart of the S&P 500 and S fund chart for levels and notes. I’m more nervous about this move then I have been for a long time. Tomorrow is already looking like a 7-10 point down day,…

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Monday gave us the Pivot

If your looking to bet on the market, today gave you at least a lower pivot low. Normally you would not want to enter on this, so it is still betting, but at least you have a pivot. A pivot low normally means a reversal that will at least last a few days, so below…

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Just a few points to watch

I have had a few ask, “what is going happen next?” “Is this the bottom?” Is Monday going to go up?” The easy answer is the only answer, I have no idea. No one can predict the future but you can read what is happening as it is happening. I have heard people say that…

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TSP Weekly Update 11/27/2011

Below is quote from and the author is Ivan Hoff Market sentiment is at a point where the major indexes can either crash 10%+ or rally 5-10% on some unexpected news. Fundamentals play little role here, obvious levels of support and resistance are irrelevant, and stocks trade on headlines and pure emotions. This is…

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TSP Weekly report, 11/11/11

What a week we had last week and at it’s end we basically accomplished nothing but to un-nerve the markets once again. To weed out all the noise I just wanted to show you the weekly chart of the S&P500 and what you will see is a gradual climb out. Technically speaking it appears that…

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