Month: August 2011

Monday move update.

Things on the charts are looking really well, so if things hold @ 11:30am this morning I will put my toes back in the market. My mind wants me to go 100% S-fund, but I will likely play it safe and go 35-c, 35-s, 30-g.

TSP Weekly Update, August 26, 2010

4 weeks of declines finally ended this week in another up and down week that is very hard to read from a technical stand point. I would have liked to have had those weekly numbers deposited in my account, but the risk to me was way to high. Speaking of the charts, let’s jump right…

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Just another warning….

The futures on the S&P500 through 11:30pm are down 10.25 points and the ASIA markets are down 1.5 – 2%. Tomorrow appears at this point time is going to a repeat performance of today’s hammering. Be careful out there.

Just a quick post of the Day

Remember way back when in 2008 when the banking crisis’s happened? Do you recall that the S&P rating company had AAA ratings on all the Banks and Brokerages that failed or covered up their balances sheets? Now go to present day August 18, 2011, what happen a few weeks ago? The S&P rating company downgraded…

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A very good day

Today’s move was a very good day for the market and on the 30 minute chart below, you will see that we may have found a bottom at $1118. May being the key word. We also crossed the 5 day moving average, but all moving averages are still pointing down and it is just way…

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Quick update

I would suggest that no one bottom fish here with the C and S fund. As great as it would be to catch the bottom and ride it up, the risk to get pounded and set yourself back is extremely high. Wait for at least some confirming signal on the 30 minute, daily, or Weekly…

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