Month: May 2011

Making change today

As of May 23, 2011 the primary uptrend is under attack and I will make the bailout move at this point. Going 80% – G and 20% –F. Sorry for the delays but I’m on vacation and 3 hours behind.TSP Distribution: G-fund – 80%, F-fund – 20%

On vacation

I will be away until June 12th, but I’m still watching what is going on in the markets in the evening hours. Right now we are churning sideways and it looks a bit scary. I’m still holding my position of 50-50 in the C and S, but that could change this week. On May 10th…

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TSP Weekly Update, 05/6/2011

What a way to open up the month of May with a 2% loss or more in most indexes!! Monday through Thursday was painful to watch and expensive to. Friday we got a little back, but it will take some work to get all that back. Didn’t we just see something like this recently? Oh…

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Thursday the 5th, was a disaster.

Bailing to protection of the G is the right thing to do here. 4th day in a row of pullbacks and $1344.15 did not hold and now it is resistance that we must fight back through. $1332.28 is now the next line of support but based on what we saw in today’s action, I would…

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Level to watch $1344.15

The last 3 days have been hard to watch, but you always have to keep in mind how much you gained to get here and know you’re just giving back a bit for a time. The primary trend is still intact and we are still inside our new channel that created after Tuesday close. The…

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