Month: April 2011

TSP weekly update, 4/29/2011

The beginning of April and the first weeks things were looking pretty grim at one point. The last two weeks of April completely turned that around and now we should be glad we didn’t bail to soon. I have heard people say on TV and in person that Summer time is the time to pull…

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Weee, wow what’s next?

Hitting and breaking through $1344.15 was big and we have been working on this since February 18 of this year. The next level is 100 points away or another 8% and there is nothing in between to act as resistance. Does this mean we zoom straight to $1440? No way, but it will be interesting…

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TSP weekly update 4/21/2011

If there was any a week one would learn or realize why I hate news it would be this week, but more on that later. We had a short week but an eventful week, and I wonder how many got scared and bailed out of the market. To say I wasn’t concerned would be a…

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Weekly TSP update April, 15, 2011

I keep looking at the Weekly, Daily, and 30 minute chart on the S&P 500 and I come away with the feeling that this market could go either way on a moments notice. We are currently trending sideways with no conviction. You see above we closed just .64% down for the week, so it was…

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TSP weekly review, 4/8/2011

So what primary news did you listen to this week? Shutdown of the US government or the fact that Oil is now at the highest level in a very long time. Which one will affect the market long term? Oil ! I do not think you will see it immediate, but when the next earnings…

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Inter-fund Transfer today

Now that it is a new month and I have two moves to make into the market, I will make a change today. I wanted back in 100% last Friday, but because of the move rule set by TSP organization that was not possible. As of Friday 4pm my inter-fund transfer will be 50% C…

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