Month: February 2011

Stock stuff moved.

I will separate my Stock stuff from TSP from this post forward. This reduce the stuff you want to read if all your looking for is TSP stuff. Stock stuff will be posted here. I will also change the headers on my main page to show TSP Blog, Stock Blog, and Motorcycle blog.

Making a transfer today

Well after reading my charts on the S&P500s, Small Cap, Nasdaq, Dow, and International Fund, I have decided to take my monies and transfer them to the F-fund. The AGG index is on the move and I think many are running to safety of bonds. TSP Distribution: F-fund – 100%

We need a big day Thursday

I see no way I can stay in the C,S, and I tomorrow unless by some miracle the markets reverse course over night. The News overseas seems to have lite a fire for money managers to start cashing in some profits since the long run that started September 3. Today we saw the markets retreat…

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Cleaning me out

The market followed through today with another loss and I got caught up in another NEWS beating like I have experienced a few times. A week ago, I had close to a $1000 profit just waiting to take and today, a sea of red. It can be very discouraging at times. Tomorrow will be decision…

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This is I told you so

Well, that was ugly!! Sold three, two for a loss and one for a profit and cleared $60.24 gain realized. That is the good news because if you look down my current holdings, that is just out right ugly. Another day tomorrow to match and I will likely be cleaned out and starting the new…

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Remember when?

Remember all those gains we made last week in the C,S, and I? Wait for it!! Remember all those gains we had two weeks ago in the C,S, and I? Today in one fell swoop, we gave back two weeks of gains in one day. That is just wrong on so many levels, but it…

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Can you hear me sigh!

For the most part day Friday,  the S&P 500 was up, but with the exception of CAT and ATML everything I owned went down. My biggest winner, unrealized, CVI even got pounded to the tune of 4.36% down, so I took the opportunity to add to my position here on what I hope is a…

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Weekly update 2/18/11

  I see no need to copy and paste all the charts from the 5 indexes that I follow because they all look the same at the moment. There all going up. The EFA or International fund made the largest move this week, but considering all made 1% or just under it, all is good…

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