Month: September 2010

Thursday morning, Sept 30.

When your gut tells you to do something, do it. The S&P is going to get a big pop up this morning toward and maybe above 115 on the SPY, which converts to 1150 on the S&P. When I said yesterday afternoon that I should have sold SPXU, I should have. That will convert to…

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Part 2, Wednesday, Sept. 29

Once again the S&P 500 was rejected when attempting to bust through 115 on the SPY or the actually S&P of 1150. Today we pounded on it 6 times, but no follow through. Tomorrow the FED is going to be pumping cash into the market, so if she doesn’t hold tomorrow, it will make one…

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Tuesday, Sept 28.

. Well today I still made no moves back into the market as far as the C-fund goes. The SPY did puncture the $115 briefly at the end of the day, but it settled back below @114.67. My gut says she is getting ready to blow through, but my gut is not an indicator, so…

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Monday, Sept 27 @ 11:20am

Not going to move into the C-fund this morning and will be staying 100% G-fund. I might miss more upside here, but I would like to see us hold above that next level 115 on the SPY. Jumped into CTRP after it broke through the open range. I enter just a little late because I…

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Monday, September 20th

Looks like we might being seeing the break out happening right before our eyes. The S&P 500 is peaking above the battle ground box @ $113.61. The top of the box is defined as $113.21. Riding the wave on REDF, and just entered into TDC and CVLT.


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