Month: August 2010

Flash update 8/30/10

There is a 99% chance that I go 100% F-fund tomorrow in order to save my 2 moves for September. There is no doubt I bail from the I-fund, but unless the S&P and the Small Cap come rocking out of the box tomorrow morning, I will bail. Tomorrow before noon: 100% F-fund

Part 2 of week ending 8/27/10

As promised here is the update for the Small cap and European index. First point I want to cover is a problem with one piece of software name ThinkorSwim. All my charts will look different until I can figure out what is going on with this software. The Small Cap or $DWCPF took it on…

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Week Ending 8/27/10

This will be at least a two part update because it is already late Friday night, so I will only review the S&P 500 aka SPY. After last weeks close, I hoping with the double DOJI, one on the daily and one on the weekly, that we would get a bounce. That did not happen.…

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Week ending 8/20/10

Damn, what a difference a week can make in the market. It pains me to say how much I donated this week in my retirement account, but I have been here before so I will just keep working at it and if I have to pull, I will pull my money back out and wait…

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Monday update, 8/16/10

Well after the close Monday, we did not get much of push up to help repair the damage of last week. On the bright side, no more damage was done. Now the bad, looking at the weekly chart on the left, if we had to make a decision to exit the C-fund today the answer…

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Early weekly Report 8/12/10

I’m making my report a day early this week because I will be out of town Friday and Saturday to celebrate my brother-n-laws 50th birthday. Damn, talk about 2 days of total destruction in the market as a whole!! We went from a nice up trend in development, to what the hell do you call…

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Just a Flesh wound !!

Ouch!! what else can you say on a day like today? If you were long as was I, it was hard to watch. I got bounced out of CRUS, bought BIDU @ 84, and still barley holding onto AWH, IMAX, MELI, SHOO, and TGP.  

TSP Flash alert

Well after watching the trends in the market after the open this morning at 9:30am, I see no reason to stop me from my set plan. So I put in my changed allocation to take affect at the close of the market today. NEW – TSP distribution: S-fund 40%, C-Fund – 40%, I-fund – 20%

Week ending 8/6/10

Wow it is August already! Well the earning season in the stock market is about 90% over and I believe I heard this morning that 90% of the companies reported better than expected earnings. I also have heard over and over again that companies are sitting on record amount of cash. Sooner or later all…

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