TSP closing numbers as of 9/24/21

What a dramatic week this one turned out to be. If you held the line and followed the levels called out, you came out alright by the close Friday. We still have some issues with our TSP funds and we may have to tweak our setup going into October. There are 4 tradings left in September and if there is tweaking to be done, that move will be Thursday morning.

Let’s look at those numbers.

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Today we got a reprieve

Today the entire market was up and we got a reprieve from the move that looked inevitable. I am still not convinced that we have seen the last of this pullback and it is nice to have a plan that you can watch and you can remove all of the cluttering news and noise out of the equation.

With this post I will show where we stand with the S&P 500, I will update Tesla, and I will show you what happens if you invest in stocks and do not use a rule book. All things stock market, you have to take the emotion out and trade what you see.

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It was a blood bath today. Now what?

After days like this, you can feel dazed and confused. What caused it doesn’t matter. Trying to outsmart the market will also never work because the market can always outlast you. Being too proud to make a move in or out is also a big issue we all have to deal with. So what’s the answer.

First and foremost you have to accept that if you invest in the stock market eventually you are going to take a loss. Next, you have to admit you are sometimes wrong and make a move. The primary objective is to not get emotional and try to logically determine what move you are going to make, why you make those moves, and stick to them.

Remember this one quote: “Live to fight another day.”

We had an event happen recently that began 2/24/20. We all should remember that well. It lasted for an entire month and then it was over. We took a hit here then, but we dug out of it and most of us had some incredible gains that began May 1, 2020. So, how does today’s chart compare to 2/24/20?

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TSP daily charts as of 9/17/21

Half of September is in the books and so far, it has been a rough ride. Nothing goes up forever so pullbacks or profit-taking sessions have to happen from time to time. Knowing when enough, is enough, is the key. If we get a daily, weekly, and monthly signals that are all flashing sell, then it is without a doubt time to bail. There are some early signals and some may want to at least scale back to a safer position. This week we will identify if any of these scenarios are playing out now.

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TSP weekly closing numbers 9/17/21

Another rough week on the market and I am sure you, like me, are beginning to think it might be time to scale back or bailout. This is a long-term game and when the time comes, I will get out. Let me just say this before I show you the closing numbers. We are reaching levels that are concerning. My stock portfolio is getting smaller and smaller because I have been selling positions that reached 5% sell levels and others that indicated it was time to take the profit. Today I had to sell one of my longest holds and that was Apple.

Let’s see the numbers.

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