Pretty crazy two days

25 alerts in one day and my phone was smoking. Things are moving fast as they always do when you want them to just slide sideways or lower for a week or two while waiting for a TSP reset. Let me show all the action using just the daily charts for our four indexes.

I will have to do a separate post later tonight or first thing in the morning on what I will be doing with the ETFs

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TSP daily charts as of 4/21/24

Seven days are what we have left for April, and we all want to know how much further this current market will continue to trend lower. No one can make that prediction regularly and get it right with high accuracy. But what we can get right is knowing what levels might hold and at what point the averages say that a reversal might happen. Might being the keyword here. 

Lastly, sometimes being number one is not a good feeling. If you click the Closing Tab and you see me sitting at the top, believe me, it doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy feeling for a couple of reasons.

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Tsp daily charts as of 4/14/24

That was by far the worst week of 2024. We made a move last week, and come Monday, we might just be making more. The Iran-Israel conflict, along with sticky inflation, is not helping. The one thing that not one news media picked up on or mentioned is what I am going to mention once you click the read more for our members here. 

So let’s get to it.

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