TSP daily charts as of 7/25/21

Next week is the last week of the month of July. Thursday will be decision day going into August and it is possible that two of ours indexes will actually give us daily buy signals before Thursday. I have a question about one of them and the other is just wait and see. I am still heavily weighted in stocks but I may have to put even more money back to work.

The next question is what did Volatility do last week? Let’s take a look.

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TSP daily charts as of 7/18/21

Last week was a very bad week for stocks. To look at one of our indexes you could walk away and think everything was fine. If you dig a little deeper you are beginning to see cracks in trends and support levels that are not holding. We could just be in the middle of Summer which in the past was always shaky. So let’s take a look at our charts and see where we are.

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Daily charts as of 7/11/21

Last Thursday night I had a post halfway completed to show the damage through Thursday night and then along came Elsa, the tropical storm. I lost power at 8pm and it did not return until 4am. Once I woke up and took a look at the pre-market numbers, I decided that I would wait to post it Friday night if needed. Friday the markets came in and saved the day. Damage? We will cover that shortly. Volatility? We will also cover that shortly. Fear? How do you feel as of today?

Sharp moves down always create drama and doubt but if you held the line, you did well.

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