TSP daily charts as of 11/26/2023

After three months of depressing results with every TSP index, except G-fund, November has the potential to be one of the best months of 2023. Nothing is going to beat that 10% gain in January, but so far with 4 days left, the potential is for a very nice November. So what has December given us the last 5 years? All I can say is it will most likely be dramatic and guessing the direction will be a challenge.

I’ve got a ton of numbers and stuff to throw at you this week, so let’s get busy.

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Website crash

Not sure who to point the blame at, but the site would not let me update or edit anything after I did a WordPress update. Going to be doing some fresh backups, and system checks, and see what happens. So far my host, GreenGeeks has done a good job getting the site back up and running.

TSP daily charts as of 11/5/2023

To look at the return numbers this year you would it would have been easy to make money in this market. It has not. There has been too much fear chatter and the actual charts have been very choppy. This past week we witnessed the fastest rise in prices on the market in years. Just knowing the returns that I saw you would think every index in the TSP would be a buy as of the close Friday, but wait till you see what I see.

Text message notification! This was a very easy solution in the beginning but the United States changed the laws for group texting via SMS to reduce spam incoming to user cell phones. I have been looking for a solution to work through WordPress but as of now, I have hit a wall. I have been working with Twillo to have my setup fixed. I filled out the forms and I gave them more money, but as of this post, it has not been fixed. The fix, if and when it works, will also come with a new monthly fee. Going to be honest here, I am going to see how this all works out and if I do not like it, I will terminate it. In the meantime, make sure you watch those emails closely.

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TSP daily chart as of 10/29/2023

Last week things turned ugly. Is this a sign of the bottom? It is very possible but when you look at a series of charts that I will show you, it makes it very difficult to go fishing here. We have one index in particular that has reached below levels of 2020. We have bear market levels that price is sinking into once again.

The October seasonal move is a bust! So let’s look at our charts.

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