TSP daily charts as of 6/4/23

Last week we saw a major sell of one of our indexes only to see it snap partially back. We saw our primary index by the end of the week give us an add more signal. We have a new index firing a buy that needs to be confirmed Monday. Then we still have one that has been a sell and will likely stay a sell for a while.

So, it appears as I write this blog, that Monday or Tuesday we will be making another move.

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TSP daily charts as of 5/29/23

It appears that the government will still have money to spend to pay bills. I never had any doubt that they would come to some conclusion but now the question is how will the markets react. You would expect at least the opening day would see at least a 1% gain, but if the futures are any indication at this moment in time, it will just barely open green.

We have an index that fired a sell outright and is now uninvestable. We also had another index that fell into sell territory but fought back into the close Friday. We also have an index that is attempting its second breakout.

What will the markets do?

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